How to watch the international space station in the sky via app

The International Space Station or ISS orbits the Earth in a low orbit speeding at around 28,000 km/h (about 17000 mph). It makes more than 15 orbits per day.

How to watch the international space station in the sky via app
When the space station passes over the United States as it gets dark, but the station is still illuminated by the sun, there is a visible pass of the ISS in the sky. It is like a very bright star whizzing across the sky rising on one side and setting five minutes later on the other. It is a truly wonderful spectacle that has been repeated dozens of times this summer shortly after sunset.

In this article we present an app that lets you know exactly when to see it in the night sky. Also equally beautiful, it will allow you to see the Earth as seen from the ISS.

How to watch the international space station in the sky via app


The International Space Station (ISS) is a research facility in low Earth orbit. It's a collaborative venture between several international partners, including NASA, the European Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and the Russian Federal Space agency.

The ISS orbits at an altitude of about 420 km (260 miles) above the surface of the Earth and has been in continuous operation since November 2000. The complex consists of 420 pieces of pressurized space modules, research laboratories, and other unpressurized components. Usually, 4-6 astronauts live aboard the space station. Their main duties include conducting experiments in microgravity, which is why there's a lot of live streams from space on YouTube! The ISS is the largest artificial structure in space, as well as one of the most expensive objects ever built.

The ISS consists of several different modules that have been launched and added to over time. It can be seen as the third phase of human presence in space after Skylab and Mir, but with a much longer duration. Let's take a look at some interesting facts about the ISS you probably didn't know!

Cool facts about the ISS

- The International Space Station is the size of a football field.
- It has been visited by more than 200 people from 18 countries.
- It has a gym, two bathrooms, and six windows.
- The first crew in the ISS spent almost 2 weeks just cleaning up.
- There are 200+ robotic operations that are constantly taking place on the ISS, per week.
- It travels very very fast, fast enough to travel from New York to Tokyo in one minute.
- It is constantly monitored from the Mission Control Center in Houston
- It has been visited by over 2500 people since 2000

Visible passes and the Earth in HD

The app that we present today, ISS on Live, is an app for Android that allows you to know exactly when the ISS will make its visible pass over the United States so that you can observe the show with your own eyes.

The app warns you with a notification 5 minutes before the event and you can see the full calendar of the next passes. For each pass the magnitude is indicated, that is how bright it appears in the sky. The greatest magnitude is the one with the smallest minus sign. Passes with magnitude less than -3.5 are visible as a very bright star in the sky.

How to watch the international space station in the sky via app
From the app it is also possible to see in real time what you see from the space station.

There are also many specials and live videos in particular:

1. ISS CAM 1 HD: provides High-Definition images of our planet Earth making you realize how fragile Earth really is.
2. ISS CAM 2: provides views of experiments, maintenance or tests and communications with the NASA.
3. NASA TV Channel: NASA Television Service.
4. NASA TV Media Channel: A secondary NASA TV channel.
5. ESA TV: The European Space Agency Live channel. With Science and Exploration programs and documentaries.

You can also you can witness sunrises and sunsets from the ISS which follow each other several times a day given the station's high orbital speed.

And using the manual location tool, you'll be able to know the ISS orbits over other regions of the world.

The badge for download from the Play Store is available below. The app weighs only 15MB.

And you will be with the nose up to follow the next pass of the ISS?

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