6 Things you don't know about Pizza

6 Things you don
1. Where exactly it's born

Pizza has very ancient origins. The word pizza has been found in writings dating back as far as 997 in the city of Gaeta, Italy. The modern pizza was born in Naples with pizza Margherita (tomato, mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and basil).

2. The most expensive pizza

Paying with bitcoins? In 2009 the programmer Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10000 bitcoins for two pizzas at home. Bitcoins have increased their value since 2009. So 10000 bitcoins now are worth well more than 233 million dollars.

3. Pizza in the USA

The first pizzeria in New York opened its doors in 1905 by ​​the italian emigrant Gennaro Lombardi. Only 15 years had passed since the invention of the Margherita. And the success was almost immediate.

4. Speed
In June 2014 in Las Vegas the race of the fastest pizza makers was held: the English Pali Grewal won. He was able to knead and bake 3 pizzas in 32 seconds.

5. Print pizzas
A Texan company founded by NASA to develop plates for astronauts who will face the mission to Mars, has developed a 3D printer for pizza. The company is called BeeHex and ensures that the printer is efficient, clean and able to churn out a fresh and fragrant pizza in no time. Like all 3D printers, pizza is created layer by layer, with the only difference that, instead of having ink cartridges, tomato and mozzarella are used on a pizza dough base.

6. The pizza effect

Before becoming really popular in Italy, pizza began to expand in the United States, quickly becoming the number one food in the States.
Hence the name Pizza Effect: in sociology it indicates when a local phenomenon is first successful abroad than in the country of origin, where it returns as a protagonist only at a later time.
The first to talk about it was the anthropologist Agehananda Bharati who formulated the Pizza Effect in 1970 to explain how the popularity of yoga in the West had contributed to making it known also at home, exactly as it happened to pizza.

Now you know everything about pizza. Are you hungry? Pizza time now?

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