5 Incredible Things about Space

1. Space is silent, no sound
In space there is no atmosphere so sound cannot propagate. Spaceship sounds in movies are fiction.

2. The sun is huge
It is large enough that 1.3 million Earths could fit inside it.

3. Sunset on alien worlds
Sunset colors here on Earth are not the intergalactic standard. Different atmospheres, different colors on sunset or on dawn. So for example on the red Mars, sunset colors are blue.

4. What does the Moon smell?
A weird question, an incredible answer. Neil Armstrong when he returned from the first moon landing in July 1969 claimed that the the Moon had a peculiar smell, very similar to that of gunpowder.

5. The sun will make the oceans evaporate
Every billion years the sun star becomes 10% brighter and hotter so in about in about 4 billion years, the sun will be 40% brighter and hotter. This will result in the oceans boiling and evaporating completely.

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