15 WhatsApp Secret Tricks

Whatsapp is now the most used app to send messages, photos and videos to our friends, relatives and begins to have more and more appeal even in the business field for companies. In this article we present you 15 whatsapp secret tricks.

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1. You can pin a chat at the top

Do you know that you can always put your friend or contact on the top? Just press and hold the contact and then tap on the pin, so you block it at the top between chats. The game is done.

2. Bold, strikethrough and italics in the text

Why write the usual monotonous text when you can also type in bold, strikethrough or put something in italics? You never saw a button to do it though, did you? You just have to use some special characters in the message.
For the bold type write for example *YOUR_TEXT_BOLD*, for the italics _YOUR_TEXT_CORSIVE_ and for the strikethrough ~YOUR_TEXT_BARRED~. You can also use multiple styles at the same time.

3. Find out immediately who has read your group messages

Do you want to know who viewed your message or even your photo or video at what time? In the group you sent the message to, select your message and tap the information icon at the top. In this way you will have the details of all this valuable information.

4. Send the right emoji or the coolest GIF

There are a lot of emojis or smilies in whatsapp and you may not be able to immediately identify the right one. Fortunately, you can search for the emoji by tapping the search symbol and typing what you want to search for as text.
Write for example smile, heart and you will see how many emojis come out of you.
Do you also know that you can send animated GIFs? Go to the smilies screen and then tap on GIF at the bottom, at this point look for for example good day or fantastic and you will see how wonderful to send. You can write use all languages for your GIFs searches.

5. Send messages to many with the broadcast

Let's say you want to send the same message to multiple people but you don't want to create another group. Tap the 3 dots at the top of the Chat screen and then tap New Broadcast. Select who to send to and everyone will receive the message just as if you were only sending it to them. And you make less effort!

6. Your profile picture but limited

Decide who sees your profile picture. Because you don't want strangers to see your photo. You need to go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Profile Picture. Choose from Everyone, My contacts or None. If you choose my contacts only your friends will be able to view your photo.

7. You can hide the last time online and read notifications

Whatsapp shows others the time we were last connected. If you don't want whatsapp to do this, go to Settings > Accounts > Privacy

8. A link to the most used contacts

Maybe you chat often with a few people or with a group. Would you like to have a nice icon on the home of your cell so that Whatsapp opens in the right chat right away? Just long-press on the name of the person or group and from the three dots choose Create Direct Link.

9. Important messages highlighted with a star

You want to remember one or more important messages. Just hold it down and then tap on the star. You will also find flagged messages in the Important Messages section.

10. A different notification sound for individual chats

Would you like to have a different sound depending on who sent you the message? Tap the name or group and then go to Custom Notifications. You can customize the notification sound, the led light, the vibration and even the ringtone for video calls.

11. Use Whatsapp also from PC

Did you know that from your PC you can see all messages, photos, videos and write faster? Just go to from your PC and follow the instructions. You will also receive notifications!

12. Know who you chat with the most on WhatsApp?

If you access your account settings you will see all the stats and also the people or groups you interact with the most. You can also see how many photos and videos you have exchanged.

13. Mute a chat on WhatsApp

If a group is too large or too active and you receive notifications continuously, you can decide to silence it. Just select the group and tap the speaker icon you see at the top right.

14. Read the messages without making the blue check appear

If you don't want to let others know you've read the messages, disable the Read Receipts option. But be careful that if you do this you will not even see the blue ticks of other people. The option does not work for group chats but only for direct messages.

15. Send a whole WhatsApp chat via email

Let's say you want to record a conversation on your computer or have it as a history. Open the chat you are interested in and go to More. Tap Send chat via email and you will receive it at the email address you specify.

Seen how many secret tricks? Did you already know any of them? Amaze your friends and share this page with them, they will be grateful to you.

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