orangerieleclub.ch is very popular in Facebook.
It is liked by 191 people on Facebook and it has 4 google+ shares.

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The total number of people who shared the orangerieleclub homepage on Google Plus by a google +1 button. The total number of people who shared the orangerieleclub homepage on StumbleUpon. This is the sum of two values: the total number of people who shared the orangerieleclub homepage on Twitter + the total number of orangerieleclub followers (if orangerieleclub has a Twitter account). The total number of people who shared the orangerieleclub homepage on Delicious. This is the sum of two values: the total number of people who shared, liked or recommended the orangerieleclub homepage on Facebook + the total number of page likes (if orangerieleclub has a Facebook fan page).

Facebook 97.9%
Google Plus 2.1%
Delicious 0.0%
Stumble Upon 0.0%
Twitter 0.0%

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Basic Information

Orangerie Le Club

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Domain and Server

HTML 5.0
We detected this site is in the German language. Other possibilities are: IT 25.2%  FR 16.5%  EN 15.7%  PL 11.8%  German

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Other info about orangerieleclub.ch


The registar is the authority where orangerieleclub.ch is registered. Domain age is a measure of how much a site is old. Older sites have normally more importance and are more trustworthy than young ones. The IP of a server identifies it. It can be unique or shared between multiple sites. Server location specifies where it is physically. The date orangerieleclub.ch was registered for the first time. The next date orangerieleclub.ch will expire. The owner usually renews every year its domain, but some prefer buying more than a year only.

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