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Kolaborasi sutradara-sutradara perempuan Indonesia untuk menghadirkan karya sastra " Rectoverso" ke layar lebar. Hadir di bioskop bulan Oktober 2012. Ikuti juga akun Twitter kami di @FilmRectoverso...
NSHipster is a journal of the overlooked bits in Objective-C and Cocoa. Updated weekly.
Ambient coffee shop sounds from all over the world (France, Germany, England and Netherlands) to give you an easy creative boost.
It's Hip, It's Current, It's Stylish, It's Hipster
Pligg is an open source content management system that lets you easily < a href='http://www.pligg.com'> create your own social network< /a> .
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Hipsterical it’s a social experiment studying what would happen by letting a blog being run by a group of monkeys.
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